The age of ever increasing government spending is over, yet the requirements for government expenditure are becoming greater.
The funding gap between the community’s expectations for services and the contracting revenue of governments creates a challenge for both government and the private sector.
Initiative Capital wants to build the future for the provision of government services.
Initiative Capital links government and investors and provides a key platform for bringing innovative projects and front line services to the community in an efficient, transparent and fair manner.
Initiative Capital Health and at Risk Communities
Initiative Capital Corrections and Prisons
We achieve this through partnering to fund and deliver PPP projects, specialising in projects initiated as market-led proposals (unsolicited proposals) to government.
Our vision is to become the global leader in public private partnerships in front line services, delivering consistent returns to our investors, the community and our partners.
Our partners are funds and providers to government that wish to explore how to provide greater value-for-money for government services, through agreeing to take on increased risk.
Find out more about market-led proposals and our Genesis™ framework.