Partnering with Us

Initiative Capital works with our partners to sculpt and pitch PPP projects to governments, generally as a market-led or unsolicited proposal. We can also help to fund and deliver projects.
In presenting projects to government, we take our partners through a 9-step process beginning with initial engagement with government, through to final contractual arrangements and capital raising.
In designing projects to pitch to government, we employ our Uniqueness Wheel methodology.
Market-led proposals help to:
  • Deliver much-needed community infrastructure and services
  • Provide value-for-money to taxpayers, including through leveraging private funding
  • Ensure projects are responsive to community needs, and
  • Ensure governments are aware of alternate methods of providing infrastructure and services, and utilise technologies and IP that provide better outcomes or cost savings.
In essence, market-led proposals regimes foster proactivity and reward innovation because they allow new ideas and solutions to be put to government; as opposed to traditional government procurement processes which can tend to seek the same solutions to the same problems, time after time.
Market-led proposals regimes also support the use of new technologies, innovations, modes of delivery and funding models, which would not normally comply with a Request for Proposals, due to the rigid nature of tendering processes.
Market-led proposal regimes offer a number of benefits to proponents.
A few key benefits are that they:
  • Allow proponents to propose unique solutions to public problems or infrastructure needs that governments may not have considered
  • Facilitate a pathway for new innovations and Intellectual Property (IP) to be used in government projects, where inclusion of those innovations would normally render a tender response ‘uncompliant’, and
  • Ensure proposals are pitched at the high level (i.e. Treasury), focusing on value-for-money and outcomes, rather than being caught in departmental silos.
The Uniqueness Wheel dictates that at the centre of each project should be a degree of uniqueness, whether that is an innovation, a different approach to funding, or a unique solution to a government requirement.
A unique proposal has four main elements:
  • It is based on Intellectual Property
  • It meets a government need for which there is some urgency
  • It provides value for money, and
  • It removes or shares risk.
Contact us to discuss how we can partner with your organisation to present a unique project to government.