Initiative Capital is a capital advisory firm in Australian infrastructure.

We believe in focus, discipline and excellence.

We believe in taking the initiative in our projects, with you, and determining its worth quickly and decisively.

We will not deliver ambiguous consent or believe in complete certainty.

We do believe in randomness, change, challenge and vision, which we accept in combination, to project manage the risk of building infrastructure in our communities.

Our people have not come to work for us for money. They know and believe our purpose; that we own tomorrow together.

Our teams know that we don’t list our accomplishments because we are not the traditional “consultants”. We know we are human and therefore fallible;  our advice is not gospel, it is how we work in a collaborative way to make projects work.

We partner with clients, we don’t  consult. We have equity to invest and we advise on how to  make equity and debt work together to achieve our purpose.

This philosophy makes us realise project failures and risks early.

We know and learn from  failures together without the penalty of time and false decisions.

Our team members work 28 days a month  – 2 days are spent in our office together. We come in so we can take time to think, time to learn, and we avoid project decisions that cost you. We grow as a team so we make you and your teams more anti-fragile and resilient to change.

This approach makes us understand tolerated and calculated failures because all initiatives require risk.


Our value is how these risks are met, managed and calculated for reward.


We reject risk shifting for avoidance. We liberate teams to effectively produce successful risk acceptance and allocation.

If you want patient thinkers who are calculated, considered and experienced then talk to us.

We take initiative. We maximise capital.

We are Initiative Capital.

All three tiers of government in Australia are struggling to deal with the expectation-resource gap. This is the gap that exists between the community’s expectations for services and infrastructure, and the revenues and resources available to governments.
Initiative Capital was founded to address this gap.
As one of Australia’s leading providers of public private partnerships (PPPs), Initiative Capital has a track record of delivering unsolicited proposals to governments.